The Inauguration of the Management UNP-Student Activities Unit (UK) of 2019-2020
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Padang - Strategies for optimizing the development of student organizations, Universitas Negeri Padang re-inaugurated and confirmed the coordinator management of student’s activities unit (UK) of 2019-2020 at Auditorium UNP on Monday (March 4, 2019). The inauguration of student organization was attended by the Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, vice-rector, dean, vice-dean, lecture, and staff.

“The student’s activities unit (UK) is a forum for developing the soft skills which aimed to improve the leadership in organizations. Meanwhile, Prof. Ganefri also explained that the organization is not the primary purposes of the student activities unit, but the students must keep facilitated of each student activities unit (UK) ", said, Prof. Ganefri.

The Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri officially inaugurated the 17 students of the UK students UNP as administrator of UK UNP. Prof. Ganefri hoped that the Student activities unit (UK) was able to carry out the mandate with responsibility, hone the social intelligence and leadership. Furthermore, Prof. Ganefri also invited all the management of UK students to be able to synergies their vision and mission of faculties and universities.

"Congratulations for all the management of UK Student were just inaugurated. Today you are still young and be assured that with this mandate you will be able to learn responsibly by their respective duties. You are able to hone all abilities, including social intelligence, talents and leadership talents," said Prof. Ganefri.

Prof. Ganferi said that in 2020 UNP must realize the vision and mission of UNP become one of the superior universities in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, Prof. Ganefri also said that the students also must to improve the interest, talents, and achievements of the students.

Previously, the Vice-Rector III, Prof. Ardipal also reported the inauguration of the coordinator and management of UK students is able to satisfy the UNP's need in 2019-2020. “I would like to say thank you to the UK students of 2018 for all the service that has been held for one year”, Prof. Ardipal hopes that the students can continue to prove the friendship”, said Prof. Ardipal.

The coordinator of the student activities unit (UK), Drs. Essy Maestro (UK Art and Foreign Language), Dr. Hardeli (scout and KSR-PMI), Hendra NALDI (wp2 social-politic), Nelvi Eruzon (Photography and Menwa), Didin Tohidin (UKO and Paskibraka), Yulhendri (Kopma, UKPK and HIPMI) and Dr. Yuliana (PPIPM and Entrepreneurship). Meanwhile, the management of 17 UK Students presented including Menwa, Arts, Scouts, KSR-PMI, Paskibra. (Public Relation of UNP)