Flying the Red and White Flag on the 74 th Indonesia Independence Day Anniversary at the FIK UNP Football Field, it was done solemnly

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Padang—Universitas Negeri Padang held a Flag Raising and Ceremoy in commemoration of the 74th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia Independence in 2019 at UNP FIK Football field on Saturday (17/8). The commemoration of the anniversary of Republic of Indonesia was attended by Vice Rector, Dean, Vice Dean, all UNP lecturers, students, staff and UNP Laboratory of Development Schools. The theme " Human Resource Excellence, Indonesia Go Forward " become the banner of the commemoration of anniversary RI. 

Buya Mas’oed's Sermon in the UNP Rectorate Field, he invites audiences to put their trust in optimism

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Padang-- H Mas'oed Abidin attends Eid al-Adha 1 Dzulhijjah 1440 Hijjah prayer in Universitas Negeri Padang. Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri , Ph.D. , Vice Rector 2 , Ir . Syahril , Ph. D and Head of Al-Azhar Mosques, Prof. Sufyarma welcome Buya Mas'oed (one of the important public figures in Ranah Minang).Meanwhile, Vice Rector 3 , Prof. Ardipal , Dean of FIK and all academicians of UNP follows Idul Adha prayer in UNP Rectorate . All worshipers utter takbir and tahmid as the sign of Idul Adha begins .

Raja Salman & Annual Program for Hajj Pilgrimage, UNP Rector is Among the 20 Special Guests

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Jakarta-Rector of UNP , Prof. Ganefri , Ph.D included of 20 figures that were invited by King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saudi to perform the pilgrimage . "Alhamdulilah , the annual program of King Salman invited several Muslims from around the world as many as 1000 people , including 20 people from Indonesia and academician from Indonesia, which chosen by the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, HR Esam Abid Althagafi" said Prof. Ganefri on Sunday. (4/8/2019)

Runner Up in Alumni Universities Inter-Tennis Tournament, Brawijaya’s IKA Achievement Improves

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Padang—The level of achievement of the Universitas Brawijaya (UB) teams during the Indonesia universities, alumni tennis tournament from July 27-28 at Universitas Negeri Padang. Official teams from UB said that the UB tennis teams would make the winner in pool B after beating against the B team from UNP on Tuesday (30/7). The B UNP teams faced with UB teams strengthened by Darmo , Djoko , Soetrisno , Hery Sudarmono , M Noor Iman , Heru/ Agung Wibowo , and Fajar Agung , which immediately beat UNP with the score 4-1 Prof.

2019 Indonesia Universities Alumni Intermediate Tennis Tournament Ends, Undip Alumni Maintains Smooth Champion Title

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Padang-- Universitas Diponogoro (Undip) teams joint in the pool A with UGM and ITB team in the first round of the Tennis Inter Alumni Tennis Tournament from Saturday until Sunday (27-8/7/2019) which successfully preserves the first winner. In the last match, UNDIP was the success to defeat Universitas Brawijaya with the score 3-0. The fine men double pairs played which ended the tournament’s final match at UNP tennis court on Sunday (28/7).

2019 Indonesia Universities ALUMNI TENIS TOURNAMENT, Undip Gets Fierce Resistance from UGM in the Preliminary Round

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Padang- UNP tennis courts become the witness for against fierce competition between Undip Team's and the Kagama Team's (UGM) on Saturday (7/27/2019) . Two teams in the pool "A" between UGM VS Undip teams are fighting for the victory of the five men double pairs played. In the preliminary round the 1st placed in 2018, Undip Team became the winner over the UGM teams.

Indonesia Universities Alumni Tennis Tournament Begins, 250 Tennis Players from 12 'Malambuk' Universities at UNP

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Padang – Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) becomes the host of the Alumni Tennis Tournament (PT) 2019. There are 261 tennis players from 12 Iluni of universities who take part in this annual event. Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, said that based on the report, there are 16 teams from 12 of Iluni of PTN teams. The teams from Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM), UI, ITB, IPB, UNPAD, ITS, UII, Universitas Brawijaya, and Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

Welcoming ICMI SILAKNAS 2019, ICMI MPW West Sumatra Arranging Committee

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Padang- West Sumatra ICMI's Regional Organization Management Board (MPW ) holds a meeting agenda to gather committee members to prepare the committee of the National Work Gathering in December 2019 at Senate Meeting Room, Rectorate of UNP, Friday (7/26) . 

"In order to welcome the Silaknas and Anniversary of ICMI MPW, West Sumatra ICMI must prepare everything ," said Secretary of West Sumatra MPW ICMI, Prof. Ganefri , Ph.D.