Increasing the Tri Dharma; The Role of UNP as BLU continuously improved

Increasing the Tri Dharma; The Role of UNP as BLU continuously improved
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Padang-Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri , Ph . D presents speaker of focus group discussion, Dr. Ir . Gendut Suprayitno , MM , QCRO , QCGP , IPU at Senate Meeting Room UNP on Thursday (June 27 , 2019 ). The UNP has been implemented the public service agency financial management (PK-BLU) to keep continues improving the basic public services.

“Focus Group Discussion with the head of Board of Management, Dr. Ir. G. Suprayitno “, The Indonesian Institute For Corporate Governance, "We hope that we can improve education, performance-based budget planning as a part of improving the Tridharma of Higher Education,” said the Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D when opening and moderating the FGD.

The Focus Group Discussion with Dr. Suprayitno began with an explanation the guidelines Universitas Negeri Padang to achieve good corporate governance. He also explained about the overview of the mindset of developing the foundation and implementing the quality system policies universities in Indonesia.

On that occasion, Dr. G. Suprayitno also explained the description of the quality improvement system of UNP to carry out education, research and management community service. At the end of FGD, Dr. Suprayitno said that compliance with the laws and regulation became a necessity in transparency of universities.

" UNP as PTN PK-BLU towards PTN-BH, the principle of autonomy must understand together in accordance with accountability , " said Dr. G . Suprayitno (Public Relations of UNP)