Final FIK UNP Entrance Ticket Followed by 660 Prospective Students
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Padang- A total of 660 young people follows the entrance to the achievement and independent admission in Faculty of Sport Science (FIK UNP). Air Tawar Campus from Wednesday to Thursday (July, 17-18, 2019). The Head of achievement and test skills of FIK UNP, Dr. Yendrizal said that Universitas Negeri Padang as one of the universities which opened the achievement admission. Furthermore, Faculty of Sport and Science will give the opportunity to increase the student quota as much as 30%.

"A total of 177 people that have registered for the achievement admission as the new students and 438 people follow the independent admission skill test at faculty of Sport Science of Universitas Negeri Padang in 2019/2020 and 660 people follows the test for today and tomorrow," said Dr. Yendrizal on Wednesday (July 17, 2019). Vice Dean I of Faculty of Sport and Science of UNP, Yendrizal said that the criteria of the achievement have won an award in a competition at the international, national level, or a competition held by the relevant sporting program Pengprov, which is marked by certificates/medals/trophies at the national or international level. Meanwhile, the material of achievement and independent admission, including, the test of the anthropometric, medical check-up, push up, sit up, throwing, upright jump, and run until 1600 meters.

"The announcement of the final selection result of admission of Faculty of Sport Science UNP and verification of report card data will declare on August 1, 2019. (Public Relations of UNP)