UNP Receives PDS Grants Batch II from Kemenristekdikti
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Padang- Universitas Negeri Padang achieves grant of LPTK revitalized in 2019 by Kemenristekdikti for revitalizing a curriculum, teaching materials, and learning devices. In 2018 grants carried out in the form of school Lecturer Assignment Program (PDS) . UNP is one of the 73 public and private LPTKS that receive grants from 429 LPTKs. Head of UNP PDS batch II grant team, Prof. Festiyed said that the success of the UNP in getting this grant was inseparable from performing the Grants team, teachers, lecturers, leadership of Universitas Negeri Padang. 

" The PDS grant batch 2, 2019 of Universitas Negeri Padang has begun with the socialization activity and workshop of PDS batch 2 at PPs on July 3rd, 2019," said Prof. Festiyed accompanied by Dr. Nofrion, M. Pd as one of the team members.

In addition, the socialization and the workshop also involved headmaster, teachers, and lecturers, Headmaster on SMAN I Padang, SMAN N 3 Padang, Junior High School, and senior High of School Pembangunan Laboratorium School UNP, SMK N 3 Padang and extraordinary school. This activity will hold in November 2019 with the targeted output of publication of scientific articles in the National Journal, Learning Videos, Testimonial Videos uploaded to YouTube, Learning Tools and Teaching Materials and Learning Media.

Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri said that through this grant, UNP can apply the result of the new research in education in West Sumatra school. Vice Rector I of UNP, Prof. Yunia Wardi also appreciates the grant teams UNP PDS and hope that it can improve this collaboration between the lecturers and teacher. (Public Relations of UNP).