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Pasaman-- A comprehensive solution as one of theefforts to overcome the economic life problems of rubber farmers in Pasaman. It's because of seasonal factors that can affect the production of rubber latex by rubber plants. During the summer, the production of rubber can produce the better quality. Moreover, when high rainfall happened, the quality of sap is not very good, because the sap has substance the water. Another of effect during the rainy season, the sap also damaged and can reduce the selling price. This condition can affect the economic life of rubber farmers.

Vice Dean, 3 of the Faculty of Economics of UNP, Dr. Yulhendri, S.Pd., M.Sc said that during the summer, farmers can tap every day and sell their rubber with a high selling price. Furthermore, the rubber farmers can get a normal income to meet their daily needs. However, the different conditions occur during the rainy season. Meanwhile, he also explained the condition of this rainy season, the rubber farmers still have to fulfil theirs daily needs and families. This condition by the consumptive nature of rubber farmers. The rubber farmers sell all of their plantations in the summer and do not have enough savings in the rainy season. Therefore, rubber farmers try to do all kinds of efforts to continue to meet their daily needs, including lending to tauke. He also said that West Sumatera had many natural resources. The rubber farmers still have to fulfil what their daily needs and families. This condition can develop the farmers' activities as the priority of the regional development process.

The rubber farming in West Sumatra comes from any regencies such as Dharmasraya, Sijunjung, Pasaman, South Solok and other regencies/cities. Pasaman Regency is one of the regions that develops large rubber in West Sumatra. Pasaman has a land area of 29,421 and production of 27,786 tons in 2015, but this number continues to decline every year (Department of Agriculture, Pasaman Regency).

"To educate the people of Nagari Lubuak Gadang, the majority as rubber farmers on how to tap rubber during the rainy season. The UNP’s Team that I lead has carried out community service in Nagari Lubuak Gadang, Mapat Tunggul District, Pasaman Regency," Said Yulhendri.

On this occasion, Yulhendri added that the community service of UNP teams held a socialization and application of the techniques of the shawl to the rubber farmers with the tagline " We Still Harvest Even When the Rain Comes ". The techniques of Salendang Poland as one of the solutions to face the problem of rubber farmers, so that the farmers can still tap rubber during the rainy season.

“The Salendang Polan techniques can protect the result of rubber tapping from the rainwater, so that the result has better quality. The way and ingredients to make Salendang polan are very easy to find and minimal budget. We hoped the rubber farmer can maintain their income even rain comes”, said Yulhendri. Moreover, until Now there are 10 trees belong to rubber farmers in Nagari Gadang to make a Salendang Polan , Universitas Negeri Padang teams hopes that this technique of Salendang Polan can give the best solution for the problems of the rubber farmers during the rainy season not only in Nagari but also in all regions in West Sumatra. (Public Relations of UNP)