UNP Lecturers Appears at the Dissemination of the National Literacy Movement
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Padang— West Sumatra’s Provincial Language Center collaborated with the government of South Coast Regency and Universitas Negeri Padang holds dissemination of the National Literacy Movement to support the national program with titled National Literacy Movement (GLN). The Regent of South Coast (Pessel), H. Hendrajoni, SH, MH officially opened the national program in the multipurpose hall of the South Coast Regent's office.

The GLN followed by 96 literacies driven by an explanation of the material and discussion. The participants represented from various groups of teachers of senior high school in the south coastal district, the literary counselors guided by Archives and Library of the South Coastal District, productive activists, writers, students and the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) literacy enthusiasts.
In his welcoming speech, the Regent of South Coast is very welcome to the GLN as the medium of the accelerating the improvement of the quality of human resources on the south coast. Hendrajoni said that from this activity we can always be aware to improve the scale of literacy on the South Coast. The quality of society, especially in the revolution Era 4.0 for a millennial generation need to be fortified with a high culture of reading and writing.

On this occasion, Lecturer of Faculty of Social Sciences of UNP and Expert Staff Vice Rector IV UNP in the field of cooperation and information systems, Mohammad Isa Gautama, S. Pd M Sc's present as the second speaker of GLN of South Coast. His achievements are two poetry collection books which explained that language is the medium for the pronunciation of literary works and poetry are the best words in the best order. Language in literary works is not just a medium but also a destination. The poet is ‘wrestling’ with language, not just picking up words. Words are links of ideas, institutions and images between poets and readers.

Meanwhile, he explained that the fiction was an imaginary essay originating from one's subjective world. It is also a tangible expression of words on materials that originate from objective reality. "The subjective and objective world relations will determine Experience results from the author's interaction with the objective world, the form, and quality of one's essay,” Said Isa.

The participants are so the enthusiast for listening to the material and practice of writing poetry by Mohammad Isa. There are two invited speakers in National Literacy Movement (GLN), They are senior national journalists of UNP, Yurnaldi, S. Pad and Wahyudi, SS from West Sumatra Language Center. The two invited speakers also discussed the material essay, writing technique Articles and Techniques Self-editing. (Public Relations of UNP).