Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, Ph. D Will Publish the SOP of Young Lecturer’s Advisor
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Padang-- Universitas Negeri Padang will launch a standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the young lecturer's advisor as a guide for the young lecturer’s advisor. The guidance can develop them in relation to the TriDharma of higher education and strengthening character lecturers/educators. The guidance of the advisor held at senate meeting room 4th floor, restored building of UNP on Tuesday (July 2, 2019). Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri accompanied by Vice Rector I, Prof. Yuma Wardi, Vice Rector II, Syahril, Ph.D., Vice Rector III, Prof. Ardipal and Vice Rector IV, Prof. Syahrial Bakhtiar gave a briefing on the duties and functions of the young lecturers.

In his briefing, the rector of UNP said that lecturers should optimize young lecturers in terms of quality, responsibility, the ability to maintain the relationship of colleagues and the attitudes as young lecturers. Furthermore, 60% of the results of university institutional performance determined by the HR of the lecturers motivated the creation of the SOP for the guidance of young lecturers. Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri suggested that the lecturer must prepare and involved the study program accreditation forms.

“The SOP guidance of UNP Young lecturers with the advisor can evaluate the performance of young lecturers by the achievement of each component in the academic indicator, research, community service,” said Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D.

Prof. Ganefri explained the Law Number. 14 of 2005 concerning Teachers and Lecturers emphasize that both have a very strategic function, role and position in national development in education. Here, it expressly states the position of lecturers in national development in 3 verses (1) the lecturer has a position as a professional at the level of higher education under the laws and regulations. At the end of this activity, Vice Rector I, Prof. Yunia Wardi opened the question-and-answer session and responded by the advisor of young lectures, Prof. Mestika Zet, Prof. Alwe Bentri, and Prof.Zaim. (Public Relations of UNP).