Professor of FBS UNP, Publishes Minangkabau Language Novels
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Padang- — Prof. Dr. Ermanto, S. Pd., M.Hum published the novel by using Minangkabau language. The Vice Dean I of FBS written the third novel with title "Rindu Banda Sapuluah published by the Pustaka Tunggal Jakarta publisher in July 2019. The first novel with title "Tujuh Cinta Si Anak Kampung" in 2014 and the second novel with title “Sansai” was published in 2018.

"Technically, this novel is the same with the Indonesia language novel, but the special one of these novels by using full Minangkabau Language and culture of Minangkabau," said Prof. Ermanto, Professor of Linguistics at Universitas Negeri Padang. Furthermore, Prof. Ermanto also explained that the process of this novel is the same with the second novel that write to continue from the second novel by social media almost two months.

" The process of this novel also happens to the dialog which appreciated by the reader of this novel. The process of the writing of the novel has a different process of the writing of the story continues, though print media that does not occur the dialogue between the reader and the process of writing a novel that is immediately published, " explained Ermanto Tolantang. 

According to Prof. Ermanto this is the novel tells about the constancy and motivation for the younger Minangkabau Banda Sapuluah (South Coast) to survive in a foreign country. This Novel also tells about the problem of customary nomads and spirit of migrant service to develop and celebrate the Banda Sapuluah area. At the end of the interview, Prof. Ermanto also said explained about his next novel title " Luka Renjana”. The Luka Renjana novel also produced by explaining the story of the previous story through social media. (Public Relations of UNP)