Fields Study: Post-Graduate of Chemical Education of UNP to UTM and UPSI Malaysia
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Padang— The Post-Graduate Program of Universitas Negeri Padang (S2) holds Field Study in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) from 24 to 29 June 2019 who led by Dr. Budhi Oktavia. The aimed of field study is to actualize the learning atmosphere and process, so that the students actively can develop their potential to have a religious, spiritual strength, self-control, personality, intelligence noble character, and skill for society, nation and country.

Budhi Oktavia said that the post-graduate students must have international networking, so they can produce a high-quality academic productivity through the field study.

"The field study as the foundation for realizing the superior study programs at the Asian Level in 2024. The study program of Universitas Negeri Padang expected to have the best positing among other study programs in producing science developers and managers of education institution with global insight," said Budi Oktavia via the text message on Tuesday (June 25, 2019).

Budhi Oktavia revealed the purpose of the field study can produce graduates competent in the development of science, professional staff, and also to produce and publish scientific research results in local, national and international journals. The field study group will visit the Educational School of UTM and will continue to UPSI Malaysia. (Public Relations of UNP)