BKKBN Appreciates the Dedication of UNP Lecturer Dr. Indang Dewata
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Padang – The lecturer of Universitas Negeri Padang, Dr. Indian Dewata received award form Central Government through BKKBN. Dr. Indang was grateful for the appreciation to improve the best service in the future. The Head of Environmental Science of UNP Postgraduate, Dr. Indian Dewata received the star of Dharma Karya Kencana (DKK) which direct pinned on the chest of by the new Head of BKKBN RI, Dr. Hasto Wardoyo, Sp.OG (K). Form of recognition of BKKBN RI for helping the BBKKBN in the fields of research and community service such as capturing population priority issues and empowering KB Village," said Indang Dewata on Monday (July 8, 2019).

On this occasion, Indang explained that in the past few periods, the permission of the Rector of UNP, he devoted his self to Pemko Padang as Bapelda Padang City. His skills concern to the community empowerment yielded significant results. “Now Pemko Padang City always helps the program of BKKBN West Sumatra,” said Indian who returned to campus as the head of the UNP Center for Environmental Studies (PKLH). Furthermore, the Bapeldada Padang City always counted active in the program of population and living environment. The Bapeldada of Padang City recorded that a positive contribution to empower the KB village. Indang also said in the commemoration of the XXVI National Family Day in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Province on Friday (July 5, 2019) reviewed the awards from West Sumatra and Regent of South Pesisir.


The president of RI, Joko Widodo and Minister of Home Affairs Cahyo Kumolo also attended the Hagarnas activity in 2019 and gave the star of DKK awards, especially to Regional Head who had the achievements and supported the BKKBN program in his region. As the lecturer in the UNP, Indang Dewata always continues in the program of population and environmental programs to deal with the threat of damage and disasters through strengthening the Environmental Study Program (PKLH) UNP. The success of the former Head of Disdik of Padang City is one of the proudest achievements for the UNP, especially the study center at this institution. Under the vision of the UNP Chancellor Prof. Ganefri in implementing clean and healthy campus with the concept of a green campus. These efforts of UNP to become a PTNBH and a study center contributed. (Public Relations of UNP)