33 CPNS UNP Lecturers Receive decree, Rector Prof. Ganefri Hopes to Improve Foreign Language Skills
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Padang-Rector of Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP), Prof. Ganefri submitted the decree for Prospective Civil Servants of Formation in 2018.
A total of 33 lecturers who receive the decree of CPNS are 13 lecturers from FBS, 5 lecturers from FIK, 3 lecturers from FIP, 3 lecturers from FT, 4 lecturers from FIS
 , 4 lecturers from FIS and 1 lecturer from FPP.
Furthermore, Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D. said congratulations and welcome to the UNP family for all the CPNS.

"I hoped the 33 CPNS Lecturer's who received CPNS decree can support the optimization of implementing the
Tridharma of higher education and the process of community service in facing many challenges," said Prof.
Ganefri, Ph.D. Rector also reminds of all CPNS to improve the English language skills which will be beneficial to UNP and country.

" I hoped the 33 CPNS Lecturers who received CPNS decree can improve their English language skills with a TOEFL score 500
 . UNP has always supported the lecturers to continue their
studie S3 through the scholarship
 , such as LPDP and Publishing the scientific publication and journals,
 ," said Prof.
Ganefri, Ph.D. and Head of Bureau of UNP. (Public Relations of UNP)