Region Government of Pariaman Entrusts UNP For the Selection of Candidates for OPD Chief
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Padang-The placement of the Head of the Local Government Organizations (OPD) in Pariaman City can prove the connection to development of this city. Thus, the head of the regional government of Pariaman are able to increase the accountability under his leadership. The Government of Pariaman involves Universitas Negeri Padang to get the candidate for the Head of OPD. The Mayor of Pariaman, Dr. Genis Umar, S.Sos , M.Si said that the government had corporate with UNP since 2018 in the selection of the Heads of Local Government of Organizations (OPDS) or Prospective Chief Officials in Primary. In this year, the government of Pariaman always continues the collaboration with UNP for the Psychological test of the Department of guidance of the Faculty of Education (FIP).

" The interviews session is handled by UNP postgraduate lecturers, Prof. Dasman Lanin , Dr. Dedi Hermon , MP and Dr. Erianjoni , M.Si “, said Mayor of Pariaman . Meanwhile, he said that the appointment of universities in the committee's selection (Pansel) is to maintain the neutrality of the leadership in selecting the candidates of the Head of OPD such as Head of Communication and Information Office , Agriculture ,Food, and Fisheries Office and the head of the BKDD OPD .

In addition , Dr. Erianjoni explained that the selection of candidates OPD Chief " Head of Senior of Pansel Pamong , Drs . Rusdi Lubis , M. Si and Armen, SH as the part of the selection the OPD head ", said Dr. Erianjoni as one of the UNP Pansel teams. The interview session took place over two days from 6 to 7 August 2019, which is followed by seven people. Furthermore, the other collaboration with UNP such as developing the HR of the State Civil Apparatus with some Pemko employees that take the postgraduate program in Educational Technology And another study program in UNP. (Public Relations of UNP).