Rector of UNP Releases Departure of 12 Pilgrims

Rector of UNP Releases Departure of 12 Pilgrims
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Padang- Rector of UNP , Prof. Ganefri , Ph . D releases twelve pilgrims from Universitas Negeri Padang (CJH ) at the Multipurpose building of Faculty of Engineering UNP on Tuesday (July 2 , 2019 ) . The handover of souvenirs officially released the CJH of UNP from the Rector of UNP and the Head of Dharmawanita of UNP , Asmar Yulastri , Ph.D. In his speech Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D said this activity as routinely activities as appreciation and prayer to support prospective pilgrims. 

“This is a routine activity as a form of appreciation and prayer support to prospective pilgrims from UNP family. We hope that all pilgrims are able to conduct worship well and became more prosperous”, said Rector of UNP accompanied by Vice Rector.

He also congratulated and advise to 12 candidates of UNP pilgrims to prepare themselves well, so that during the pilgrimage in the holy land of Mecca and Allah give safety.

"Hopefully the intention and the whole process will be easy, smooth, and become Mabrur Hajj," said Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D
Previously Dr. Erizal Gani represents, the prospective pilgrims expressed their gratitude for the prayers that were joints arranged and the attention of the leadership of the UNP academic community. Hopefully UNP family, which departed this year's Hajj given fluency, health, and mabrur hajj. Furthermore, after reading the prayer by Syahrul Ismet, M. Pd, then a good farewell ended with lunch together. There are 12 UNP pilgrim candidates, FBS (5), FMIPA, FIK, FT, FE, FIP and FIS (2). (Public Relations of UNP)