Minus of Delegation from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, Participants of the 64th Anniversary of UNP for Table Tennis Tournament Were Lively
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The academic community of Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) turned out the table tennis though the Pingpong as an alternative sport for fitness. It was proven by the hundreds of table tennis players which took part in the 64th Anniversary of UNP for table tennis competition.

“In the framework to enliven the Anniversary, for the ping pong tournament, the group of lecturers and education personnel (Tendik) which only competed in the tournament are 10 teams for men and 9 teams for the girls”, the person in charge of the activity, Dr. Khairudin, said.

"The Faculty of Sport Sciences (FIK) sent two teams which consisted of men’s and women’s team. On this tournament there is special participant namely the Dharmawanita team," Khairuddin, a lecturer of FIK who also the secretary of LP3M said.

In the single player competition, the participants were unmitigated, which 60 tennis players taking part in the men's single player competition and 12 tennis players taking part in the women's single player competition.

The tournament took place at the Sport Building of UNP from Tuesday (October 16) to Thursday (October 18).

"From the number of participants, we were quite satisfying, but unfortunately the delegation from the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism did not take part. The table tennis should be more introduce in that faculty because table tennis can also maintain the fitness of students," Dr. Khairuddin said. (Public Relations of UNP/Translated by Shilva Lioni)