Flying the Red and White Flag on the 74 th Indonesia Independence Day Anniversary at the FIK UNP Football Field, it was done solemnly
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Padang—Universitas Negeri Padang held a Flag Raising and Ceremoy in commemoration of the 74th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia Independence in 2019 at UNP FIK Football field on Saturday (17/8). The commemoration of the anniversary of Republic of Indonesia was attended by Vice Rector, Dean, Vice Dean, all UNP lecturers, students, staff and UNP Laboratory of Development Schools. The theme " Human Resource Excellence, Indonesia Go Forward " become the banner of the commemoration of anniversary RI. 

On this occasion, Vice Rector I, Prof. Yunia Wardi accompanied by Vice Rector 4, Syahrial Bakhtiar , Dean and Director of UNP Postgraduate gives a Satya Lencana Karya Satya appreciation 30 Years award for 28 people, and 20 Years for 21 people, and 10 Years for 19 people. Meanwhile, Vice Rector I, read the remarks of the Republic of Indonesia of Menristekdikti with the headline " Commemoration of the 74th Anniversary of Republic of Indonesia . (Public Relations of UNP).