BAPOMI Holds POMDA of West Sumatra and Selection of POMNAS 2019 at UNP Sports Centre

BAPOMI Holds POMDA of West Sumatra and Selection of POMNAS 2019 at UNP Sports Centre
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Padang—The Chair of Student Sports Guidance Agency (BAPOMI) of West Sumatra, Prof. Ardipal officially opened Regional Student Sports Week (POMDA) West Sumatra, which is also a regional selection (SELEKDA) toward the National Student Sports Week (POMNAS) 2019 will take place in Jakarta on December. The opening of festival sports students of West Sumatra will be held at the UNP sport center, Prof. Hamka Street, Air Tawar, Padang.

“Before preparing the POMNAS in Jakarta, we will hold POMDA in December 2019 as the selection event for students of West Sumatra at POMNAS,” said Prof. Ardipal.

The Secretary of BAPOMI West Sumatra, Arsil reported that POMDA SUMTRA 2019 followed by 20 PTN/PTS in West Sumatra with competing 20 sports with a total of 600 athletes. The POMDA West Sumatra POMDA will take place in June 18-27 in five venues for five campuses, UNP, UNAND, UPI YPTK, Padang State Polytechnic and Politani Payakumbuh.

“The branch that was contested refers to the branch competed in POMNAS 2019 committee. There arePencak Silat, karate, Futsal, badminton, tennis, Kempo, Takraw, chess, basketball, indoor, Petanque, swimming and fighting.

The participants of POMDA who are a selection of contingent athletes of West Sumatra 2019. They must follow the requirements, including the number of participants and numbers from POMDA or Selekda sports, which can be followed by all student athletes from universities in West Sumatra. The participants may only participate in one sport and may not conclude another sport.

Meanwhile, the participants must fulfils requirements of the selection of BAPOMI/POMDA West Sumatra. The requirements are the participants are students/sportsmen who represent PTN/PTS in West Sumatra proven by registered in the Higher Education Database (PD-Dikti), Photocopy of Students Identity Card (KTM), Study Plan Card (KRS), and recommendation letter from the leadership of the college of student affairs and students are not under suspension. (Public Relations of UNP)