The Minister of PUPR Gives Motivation to Certification of Construction Workers and Public Lectures with Firdaus Ali

The Minister of PUPR Gives Motivation to Certification of Construction Workers and Public Lectures with Firdaus Ali
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Padang—The Increasing of acceleration of the competence of construction workers began to intensified in Indonesia. The dissemination of construction service No. 2 of 2017 in student’s area West Sumatra. This was carried out in the form of the construction workforce certification activities and Public Lecture distance learning independent intensive learning information system in the field of construction (SIBIMA Construction). 

The implementation of the acceleration of the competence construction works program was held in Auditorium Universitas Negeri Padang with theme “Toward Reliable Construction HR in Industrial Era 4.0” presented a special staff of the Minister of Public Works (PUPR) of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Firdaus Ali.

The public lecture was attended by more than a thousand students from the civil engineering UNP, UNAND, UBH, Padang State Polytechnic, ITP, UPI, UNINDHA, UNES and various envoys of state and private tertiary institutions with civil majors. The events were opened by the Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri after the report on the implementation activities by the Head of Construction Service development Board of Indonesia (LPJK) of West Sumatra, Prof. Zaidir.

Expert staff of the Minister PUPR, Dr. Firdaus Ali in the public lecture said that the construction services business activities must comply with safety, health, and sustainability standards (k4) and the government has regulated in constitution No. 2of 2017 about the construction services.

“The construction worker who already have a certificate, will get the priority in project as included in constitution No. 2 of 2017”, said Firdaus Ali. 

Firdaus Ali said that by having a certificate, the construction workforce would get a benefit and certificated workers have guaranteed quality and insurance. Furthermore, the Ministry of PUPR collaborated with the UNP and construction service development agency (LPJK) West Sumatra to accelerate the construction competency certification program through electronic certificate. Through public lectures, the Ministry of PUPR also socializes the construction services act Number 2 of 2017 to students in West Sumatra.

This event was facilitated by the construction technology and the ministry of PUPR construction service in Region 1 of Banda Aceh. The public lecture of construction service certification was attended by the Head of PTK office, Regional construction service office Banda Aceh, Yusuf Rahman, Civil Engineering UNAND, and the director of the Padang State Polytechnic. (Public Relations of UNP)