Menristekdikti Opens the KONASPI IX, Higher Education Must Adjust Changes of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Menristekdikti Opens the KONASPI IX, Higher Education Must Adjust Changes of Industrial Revolution 4.0
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Padang— The institute of higher education Teachers (LPTK) are able to produce the graduates that relevant to the industrial revolution 4.0. Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Mohamad Nasir attended the opening of KONAPI IX in Universitas Negeri Padang on Wednesday (March 13, 2019).

In addition, Mohamad Nasir has explained the result of research submitted by one researcher, there is no positive correlation between those who get certification and good performance, likewise the lectures do not mean more professors, and more publications. Furthermore, Mohamad Nasir shows the evidenced that there are currently 5,000 professors in Indonesia, but the more professor is getting more publications. It turns out that the professors who did the new publications are around 2250 or still far from expectation.

“At the beginning, I led the Menristekdikri, the publications in Indonesia were only 5250. Thailand was estimated to be 9500; Singapore was assumed to be 18000, Malaysia was thought to be 28,000. With policy improvements and regulatory improvements in 2018, publication figures in Indonesia 31,851. This is a tremendous leap, 20 years ago we never defeated Thailand, but with the hard work of the rector LPTK which have contributed to the increase in publication this can be achieved” said Mohamad Nasir. Meanwhile, Mohamad Nasir also explained that “ I want the dream of Indonesia to have higher education that produces the professionals, teachers who can create the quality of the students". He also adds that through KONASPI, which is usually four years ago is very long, if it is possible to be held every two years. Hopefully, if it can be implemented, it will affect even faster changes to LTPK in Indonesia.

The head of the LPTKNI, Prof. Syawal Gultom said “We choose Minang with the philosophy “Alam Takambang jadi guru” became a teacher and “Adat Basandi Syarak, Syarak Basandi Kitabullah” as the place of KONASPI IX-2019 with theme of Indonesia Education in the age of industrial revolution 4.0 because Minang famous as the place of national thinkers.

Konaspi is a forum for educators in LPTKs and other universities to contribute their minds in order to improve education in Indonesia. For the past three days, we will try to give an idea of how and what education actually means to the Industrial Revolution

The Rector of UNP Padang, Prof. Ganefri, hoped that Konaspi IX would become a facilitated academic for educators to contribute ideas to Indonesian people Especially in the field of education and human resource development, a place to exchange knowledge and information, experience and opportunities for cooperation and momentum of friendship between LPTK leaders and lecturers throughout Indonesia. Prof. Ganefri also said konaspi IX-2019 is different from the previous year and has several addition activities such as national convention and international seminar has been increased to become an international seminar.

Prof. Ganefri explains that the participants of KONASPI are lecture envoys from twelve educations teaching institution (LPTKS) and 31 FKIP (Faculty of Teacher and Education) at state and private universities which worked in teaching and research in education from various perspectives. The papers that follow requirements are listed in the proceedings indexed from global indexing agencies. Until the last day of registration, there were 2089 participants who ensured that they were present in KONASPI "We are proud, besides 12 LPTK Chancellors according to plan, nine main speakers from several non-LPTK chancellors and representatives of institutions that are competent in national education policy will be presented," said Prof. Ganefri.. Furthermore, he also explained the International seminars through a rigorous selection process. The participants more than 1500 incoming abstracts netted 1009 scientific articles that deserve to be presented, consisting of 526 papers for ICESHum and 483 papers for ICESTech. This does not include eight main papers, each of four papers for ICESSHum and ICESTech from eight experts/Keynote speakers from six countries in Indonesia, Australia, the United States, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

On this occasion, Ganefri also stated, in order to accelerate UNP's vision and mission towards an International-level University, 45 semesters, students from overseas were registered as regular students at the UNP. Besides that, 4 study programs at UNP are in the process of submitting an international accreditation certificate, following the other 8 study programs which have now entered the preparation stage of the international certification service from the ASEAN university Network Quality Assurance (AUN QA). (Public Relations of UNP)