International School Teachers Recruitment
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Padang—The Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D. gives direction for prospective teachers to prepare teacher's needs in providing educational service for Indonesia children in Malaysian on Thursday (March 28, 2019) in Universitas Negeri Padang.

In addition, The Head of LP3M UNP, Dr. Edwin Musdi, The director of General GTK Directorate of Development of Primary Teachers, Edna Betty, and the Head of Field Experience (PPL), Dr. Waskito and thirty candidates for Indonesian School Abroad (SILN) in the Faculty of Engineering UNP. The rector of Universitas Negeri Padang reminded all participants must follow the selection stages well.

“There should be no test steps that are not followed and all requirements are prepared, both original and photocopies and opportunity for alumni of UNP to increase their service aboard,” said Prof. Ganefri.

The Head of PPL LP3M UNP, Dr. Waskito stated that the selection of SILN teacher would pass the second stage such as psycho test, interviews, peer teaching, and leadership group discussion and registration online. “Only one passes the selection phase form thirty registers”, Dr. Waskito.

On that occasion, the Head of LP3M UNP, Edwin Musdi also explained that prospective teachers, who has passed the selection would have served in Malaysia for two years and the selection systems of 2019 which involved the LPTK UNP. Furthermore, Edwin Musdi said that the involvement of UNP as LPTK which recruited SILN, the opportunity for the alumni UNP to work abroad was getting bigger. “One way to become a teacher SILN program”, said Edwin Musdi. (Public Relations of UNP).