Education USA-Aceh Supported Students to Continue Doctoral Programme (S3) in America

Education USA-Aceh Supported Students to Continue Doctoral Programme (S3) in America
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Padang-- The international Service Technical Support Unit of Universitas Negeri Padang holds a preparation on Taking the Right Step to US Educational presented the adviser education of USA Aceh, Lilis Sua’dah at senate meeting room on the 4th floor of Rectorate and Research Center, Air Tawar Campus, Padang, Prof. Hamka Street. This event was opened by Vice Rector 4, Prof. Syahrial Bakhtiar, who attended the head of International Service of UPT UNP, Ananda Putra, Ph.D, fifty prospective doctoral students and other young lecturers.

“As an alumnus of the OHIO State University, I encourage students to aspire to become doctors (S3) in the United State. For this reason, Lilis Suaidah requires hearing information from the education adviser in Aceh”, Said Vice Rector 4, Prof. Syahrial Bakhtiar while opening the presentation.

Prof. Syahrial Bakhtiar told a glimpse of his experience while studying at America to motivate students. In fact, Prof. Syahrial stated that the problem of English Language was not an obstacle because if he is determined to learn English Language for six months, he believes that the students can definitely go to America. Meanwhile, Lilis Su’aidah said that she did not need to be afraid to aspire to become a doctor (S3) even though only has a bachelor’s degree. In fact, the United States, there is no need to have a master's degree (S2) to enroll in a doctoral program. Lilies Su'aidah also explained that every prospective student must be able to prove himself because every student has different competition and in accordance with the department. “To get a master's degree and Ph.D. form the United States you need to work hard to get a doctoral scholarship,” said Lilis. Furthermore, as we know that the highest level in doctor (S3) program is to become a researcher and lectures. Everyone is dreaming being able to continue doctoral programs abroad, but some of us already feeling scared and worried before trying. (Public Relations of UNP)