Rector of UNP Expects FIK Academic Community to Grow Research Culture
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Padang-Through the international conference, the Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri , Ph. D hopes in accordance with the Industrial Revolution, 4.0. The lecturers of the Faculty of Sport and Science can improve their knowledge to teach the students. 

" We have improved our target to reach DRPM funds. We must develop a research culture in the future, " said Prof. Ganefri , Ph . D while the opening of the international conference on Physical Education at UNP Hospitality on Thursday (29/8). Furthermore, the Rector of UNP expresses his appreciation for Prof. Syahrial Bakhtiar and all professors can get a chance to get the doctoral assistance program, which only fulfills the requirements for conducting assistance or guiding. 

"Lecturers who don’t have research are not qualified to become lecturers, because through research there will be a cultural change in teaching for lecturers and changes in learning for students," said Prof. Ganefri again. (Public Relations of UNP)