Faculty of Languages and Arts:

  1. Information, Library and Archives Science (Diploma-Three)

Faculty of Maths and Sciences:

  1. Statistics (Diploma-Three)

Faculty of Social Sciences:

     1. Remote-Sensing Technology (Diploma-Three)

Faculty of Engineering:

  1. Automotive Engineering (Diploma-Three)
  2. Electronics Engineering (Diploma-Three)
  3. Electrical Engineering (Diploma-Three)
  4. Mechanical Engineering (Diploma-Three)
  5. Mining Engineering (Diploma-Three)
  6. Civil Engineering (Diploma-Three)

Faculty of Sport Sciences

  1. Nursing (Diploma-Three)

Faculty of Economics:

  1. Accounting (Diploma-Three)
  2. Trade Management (Diploma-Three)
  3. Tax Management (Diploma-Three)

Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality:

  1. Hospitality Management (Diploma-Four)
  2. Education of Cosmetology and Beauty (Diploma-Four)
  3. Culinary (Diploma-Three)
  4. Fashion Design (Diploma-Three)