Internal quality assurance is quality assurance that carried out by the relevant institutions in accordance with the legislation which set by the government.

The Internal Quality Assurance Agency (BPMI) of Universitas Negeri Padang began to establish on August 9, 2004 based on the Decree of Rector No. 127 / J41 / KP2004. The legal basis of the quality assurance system is listed on Indonesia Constitutional Law Number 20 of 2003 which concerning on the National Education System and government regulations number 19 of 2005 which concerning on National Standards for Education.

National Education System Law No.20 of 2003 Article 50 paragraph (2) indicates that "the government determines national policies and national standards of education to ensure quality, etc". Furthermore, in article 51 paragraph (2) it is said that the management of higher education units is carried out based on the principles of autonomy, accountability, quality assurance, and transparent evaluation.

BPMI is an independent unit of university under the Rector. It is a quality assurance coordinator at the university level in order to achieve the performance indicators that have been set for a certain period of time.

The quality assurance system is carried out in many stages, starting from the level of University, Faculty, to the Department / Study Program. The function at the university level is emphasized on the function of integrated quality management (Total Quality Management / TQM) while at the faculty level is emphasized on the function of Quality Assurance and in the Department / Study Program level is emphasized on the function of Quality Control.

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