UNP Disaster Study Center Prepares Mitigation SOP on Campus
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Padang-Disaster Study Center (PKK) of Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) has conducted the function of the PKK as a scientific institution which focused on the problem of disaster. In 2019, PKK entering the 3rd age in 2019, the UNP PKB succeeded the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for disaster mitigation, Eng.
Rusnardi Rahmat, Mt. when he explains the existence of his leadership at the disaster-study center. He also explained that in every year, this institution always exists on disaster simulation activities in cooperation with the Management of Disaster Padang City.

"One of the PKK actions is to put the sign and instruction evacuation of assembly point in all buildings in the campus. This is one of the UNP efforts to
anticipate the earthquake and tsunami disasters," said
Rusnardi, in his study center room on Thursday (7/25). Meanwhile, he said that the existence of the PKK at UNP had involved in
anticipating disaster risks for campus residents and the community. Now, PKK occupies the 2nd floor of the UNP postgraduate building.
 In the future, the UNP PKK will always hold an international research collaboration with several universities in Japan.

"Thanks for collaborating with LP3M UNP, the PKK has contributed to Disaster Management, Public Course at UNP since 2018 ago. It is very reasonable that the UNP campus is one campus in the red zone and a high level of vulnerability to disaster. Besides that Deputy Director of UNP Postgraduate Program, Prof. Dr. Atmazaki, M
.Pd Said that now, postgraduate is waiting for permission to open the Master of Disaster Mitigation Study Program," said Prof. Dr. Atmazaki, M
.Pd. (Public Relations of UNP).