Prof. Ganefri, Invites the Academic Community to do Virtue to get an ease.
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Padang—“ human being must do good deeds for everyone and Allah will give facilitate our affairs” said Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D at Al-Azhar Mosque on Friday (7/26). The rector expressed his appreciation for the Faculty of Social Sciences (FIS) as the organizer and reviewed the content of Tridharma of Higher Education of Subuh Mubarak.

" I invited all academicians of UNP and all campus components to improve the quality and quantity of Tri Dharma of College with the intention of Allah”, said Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D Meanwhile, Drs. H Nasrul HS., M. Ag also delivered the lecture material with the theme " Reaching Takwa through Tridharma of University,".

Nasrul explained that Islam teaches us to develop and disseminate the knowledge as an obligation as a Muslim. On this occasion, he said that studying is an obligation to Muslims and Allah demands us to think and looking for the secret of creation of the creator. We have to try the useful for everyone. Subuh Mubarakah attended by the head of a department of all faculties, said Dr. Nofrion . (Public Relations of UNP)