D3 Nursing XVI intake Yudisium, Faculty of Sport Science UNP (FIK-UNP) in 2019
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Padang-Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) holds the 116th Graduation ceremony for D3, Bachelor (S1), Master (S2), and Doctoral (S3) on September 2019 at UNP Auditorium. Graduation is a sign of the completion of the Study and Yudisium as the determination of the completeness of Semester Credit System (SKS).
Yudisium is the announcement of the students score as the final assessment process of the subject which has been taken by the students in the academic transcripts. The appointment of Yudisium's by the authoress of the Head of the faculty. The lecture and study programmed coordinator hold a judicial meeting to discuss Judicial Determination with the decision on the dean.

The Coronation of D3 nursing of UNP FIK takes place on August 5, 2019, at the Main Campus Hall of D3 Nursing majoring in Health Education, and Recreation in Pariaman , West Sumatra. The ceremony also attended by Dean of FIK Dr Alnedral, M.Pd and Senate represents by (Dr Wilda Willis , M.Kes , AIFO) . Head of Department accompanied by Study Program Head of administration of FIK Ni Putu, SE), lecturers, invited guests and students. Meanwhile, Dean of FIK, Dr. Alnedral, M.Pd conveys that workforce hopes all graduates have well prepared to face the Millennial era which is marked by the "Industrial Revolution 4.0". This era has many challenges such as smart robot, genetic editing and nanotechnology developments that enable humans to better optimize the brain. (Public Relations of UNP).