Capacity Building for Professional Teachers continues to be Revolved, PPG 3rd Wave and Gurdasus Begins
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Padang-Head of the Institute of Educational Development and Quality Assurance (LP3M ) of Universitas Negeri Padang , Dr. Edwin Musdi officially opens the Socialization of Assessment and Handover of PPL PPG Students in Batch 3 and PPG Gurdasus on Monday (8/26/2019) in the Hall of Kamaludin Faculty of Economics , UNP on Monday (26/8/2020) at Kamaludin Hall, Faculty of Economics, UNP. Dr. Edwin explained that the teacher must support the students in critical thinking, communicative, and collaborative. The professional teacher should equip students to deal with the real-life issues and can solve the problems when exams.

On this occasion, Edwin Musdi emphasized that the professional teacher can teach the students to become generation which capable competes and have good morals. The teacher should have good manners and become a role model for the students.
" The professionalism of the teacher can carry out their duties properly. Moreover, the professionalism of a teacher is very important to students because teachers have a very heavy task in educating, directing and motivating “, said Edwin Musdi .

" Meanwhile, LPPM UNP's Teacher Professional Education Coordinator (PPG), Dr. Waskito reported there was 354 PPG in Position and 153 Gurdasus and 64 schools, TK/PAUD 7 schools, SD (17), SMP (20). SMA (6) and SMK (10) and SLB 4 schools,", Said Edwin Musdi. This activity was also attended by the head of the Department of Education and headmaster of TK/SD/SMP/SMA. (Public Relations of UNP)