The Rector of UNP Appears as the Speaker in the Focus Group Discussion of the Ministry of Economy
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The Rector of Universitas Negeri Padang, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D., appeared as one of the speakers in the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) activity that was held by the Working Group of Tourism (Pokja), National Economic and Industrial Commission, the Ministry of Economy-Republic of Indonesia, on Tuesday (September 18, 2018) at the Mercure hotel, Padang.

The Rector of UNP was pleased to deliver a presentation entitled "Maintaining the Risk of Disaster Management on the Management of National and Regional Tourism". Some invited guests on this event were experts in the fields of economics, tourism, environment, and social community which are coming from two universities (Universitas Andalas and Universitas Negeri Padang).

The FGD was recorded as the first FGD that was carried out by KEIN-Ministry of Economy. This activity is one of KEIN's priorities in order to directly pick up thoughts and experiences based on scientific studies which are coming from experts in tourism.

As we known, from the report of Kemenpar Performance in 2017, the tourism sector has contributed 4.03% of national GDP or around of 500, 19 billion rupiah in 2016. This means an increase in foreign exchange around of 184 billion rupiah. This was the farthest leap compared to other sectors. In the same year, the tourism sector even has absorbed as many as 12 million workers.

Ronny P. Sasmita, as one of the Pokja members and the coordinator of the activity, said that the FGD was departed from an annual study which conducted by the World Economic Forum which produced a survey report on the Results of the Survey on International Tourism Competition in 2017 (Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017) where Indonesia is still ranked on 42 from the 130 countries. Although there is a significant increase in rank, Indonesia still need a more comprehensive study so that Indonesia's ranking can be increasing year by year.

In his presentation, Prof. Ganefri said that to reduce the risk of disaster and security, a large capacity is needed to respond the risks as low as possible so that a decreasing approach of vulnerability and increasing capacity are needed.

The Rector of UNP Appears as the Speaker in the Focus Group Discussion of the Ministry of Economy

Besides of Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D., there are also Prof. Elfindri (Professor in Human Resources from Universitas Andalas), Dr. Hanif Amali Rivai (the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Andalas), and Prof. Ir. Helmi, M.Sc (Professor in Agricultural Social Economics, Universitas Andalas), Prof. Werry Dharta Taifur (Professor in Economics, Universitas Andalas), and Asnawi Bahar (the Chair of the National Travel Association) be the speakers on this event. (Public Relations of UNP/Translated by Shilva Lioni)