16 UNP Students Follows SEA-teacher and SEA-tvet Southeast Asia
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Padang-As many as 16 UNP students from any faculties follow student exchanges Sea-Teacher and Sea-tvet ASEAN (Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand) programs. This activity will be hold during for one month and every student will do some activities of teaching practice (Sea-teacher) and internship experiences (Sea-tweet) and also cultural exchang. After signing MoU between the UNP and SEAMEO (South East Asia Ministers of Education Organization ), We can hold the student exchanges with Asian countries. SEAMEO is one organization which promotes cooperation in the fields of education , science and culture in Southeast Asia.

“Therefore , UNP not only transmits the UNP students to two universities in Southeast Asia , but also UNP also receives the students from Southeast Asia country", said Prof. Syahrial Bakhtiar. Prof. Syahrial Bakhtiar explains through this student exchange program , We hoped the students can get global knowledge and insight on development of education and teaching and for non-educational students having internship experience and cultural introduction . In front of the students of Seateacher and Seatvet program, Syahrial Bakhtiar said during their activities in Malaysia , the Philippines and Thailand they would enter international relations which have a positive impact on relations between the nations.

On this occasion , Prof. Syahrial Bakhtiar explained that the UNP students can use the time as well as possible during exchange program. The student can maximize the opportunity to carry out the mission of the student exchange program , but also to learn about the situation and conditions in the destination country , so it is useful for your life in the futuresaid Syahrial Bakhtiar. Meanwhile, Head of International Office, Ananda Putra , Ph.D accompanied by Engkizar , M.Ed explained that all the students will follow the City Tour and Introduction to the culture of each region and country. The UNP students can gain academic experience and establish friendships with ASEAN students even one alumnus of the UNP Sea-teacher and Sea-tvet programs. (Public Relations of UNP )