UNP Student Constitution Debate Team Trains Intensively for National Level
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Padang- the debate team of Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) will follow the debate competition from August 13-16, 2019 in Bogor and Jakarta after passing the regional stage with seven universities in the western region.

"Now , the debate team of UNP will prepare to follow the national constitutional debate which held by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia.“Thank God UNP is the only ex-LPTK that passed to the national level ," said Dr. Junaidi Indrawadi , M.Pd , coach of the UNP constitutional debate team on Saturday (20/7) .

Junaidi Indrawadi hoped that the leader of the Faculty of FIS and Universities always supported the debate team with moral, material, and pray. The UNP's debate teams also supported by students from PPKn or Political and Social Sciences in National Constitution Debate. Meanwhile, the students will follow the national constitution debate are Yulia Maulina , Nana Nuraini , Nurhayati Poetry as the core team and Aga Herbert , Teti Pratiwi Tommy Kurniawan as cadre team with Irwan , S.IP , M.Sc as the coach, Zaky Farid and Luthfy , S.Pd , M.Pd.

"I hoped that all the leaders of the UNP academic community can encourage the students who represent UNP at the National Constitution Student Debate held by the Indonesian Constitutional Court," said Junaidi Indrawadi.

“Head of PPKn, FIS UNP, Dr. Fatmariza, M.Hum and lecturers from PPKN as the debate material contributor to prepare the students toward in national level,” said Irawan accompanied by Zaky Farid Luthfy. (Public Relations of UNP).