UNP PKKMB SNMPTN Begins, Rector of UNP Prof. Ganefri Socialize International Class
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UNP PKKMG SNMPTN Begins, Rector of UNP Prof. Ganefri Socialize International Class

Padang – The PPKMB as one of the form to introduce the higher education governance, learning and student systems (curricular, social and extracurricular) play a role in increasing integrity, morality, ethics, honesty, caring, responsibility and discipline for new students. The Introduction of Campus to the new students Program (PKKMB) aimed to encourage new students more proactive adapt, campus environment, motivate and encourage new students to have confidence from Thursday to Saturday (27-29/6).
Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D said “We are the leader of the university and faculties of Universitas Negeri Padang. Through PKKMB, we can improve our awareness of the state, nation, love of the homeland and to understand the importance of education and character education for national development in everyday life”.

Meanwhile, in front of thousand students, rector also gives explanation about history of UNP to recognizing the environment of UNP, especially organizations, the structure of higher education, learning systems, and student affairs. There are 2,279 students consisted of the Faculty of Education (421), Faculty of Language and Art (356), FMIPA (502), FIS (334), FT (270), FIK (114), FE (145) and the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality 137 students at Auditorium UNP. Besides Prof. Ganefri, Vice Rector, Deans and functionary of UNP also attended the opening of PKKMB. The activity began by singing the Indonesia Raya Song’s, Reading Al-Qur’an by Yuni Safitri and the chairperson’s report from Vice Rector 3 of UNP, Prof. Ardipal.

On that occasion, Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D. said that, now Universitas Negeri Padang has implemented a joint curriculum, joint degree, and double degree for studying a program for international classes and funded through the joint curriculum competition grant. In 2019, Universitas Negeri Padang had 15 studies programs that open international class which prepared for two years ago. It means that the new students can develop themselves as professionals at the Southeast Asia level.

The PKKMB of the new students of UNP officially opened on Thursday (June 27, 2019) at the Auditorium of UNP. The ceremony of opening of PKKMB attended by all new students and ended with a prayer by Syahrul Ismet, S.Pd., M.Pd. Furthermore, the next session of PKKMB the students undergo an introduction of the campus environment. (Public Relations of UNP).