UNP Ambassadors Aldo Mahyandra and Adam Permana Selected as the best Ten of The Most Outstanding Cultural in China
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Padang--- The Student of Mining Engineering 2015 (Aldo Mahyandra) and Students in Informatics class of 2016 (Adam Permana) follows a scientific trip to China for seven days, July 1-7, 2019. They said that the selection of the two passed the selection. In Indonesia, only Adam and Aldo representatives to attend the Geo-informatics Summer School in Wuhan University China. Aldo said that this activity held from 1 to 7 July 2019. This activity consists of a representative of 30 countries based on paper and applicant forms.

"The participants divided into three with SAR learning focuses, Ubiquitous, Positioning and Machine leaning. I choose SAR and Adam Permana chooses to machine learning. We study together for a few days, the closed with, a group presentation, and farewell party or cultural exchange, said Aldo Mahyandra. 

The result is the announcement of the best presentation and the most outstanding culturally. Aldo Mahyandra and Adam Permana elected into Top Ten of the Most Outstanding Cultural. (Public Relations of UNP)