UKPKK Holds Important Business Meeting for Students

UKPKK Holds Important Business Meeting for Students
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Padang – Unit of Career and Entrepreneurship Development (UKPKK) plans to develop the startup business for the students of Universitas Negeri Padang on Saturday (April 13, 2019) and officially opening the Student Business Incubator UPKK UNP (IMUN Plus). 

“The IMUN Plus is very useful to improve the importance of understanding business plan proposal in starting the entrepreneurial activities. Furthermore, the government and all state universities in Indonesia always give facilitate and support the student entrepreneurs,” said the Head of UPKK UNP, Anggia Putra at hall FIK UNP on Saturday (April 13, 2019).

In addition, Muhammad Habibul Ikhsan explains that the IMUN Plus is one of the program entrepreneurs with a vision to produce the independent science and technology entrepreneurial students through an integrated program by involving the lecturers, resource persons, companies and entrepreneurship institute outside of campus.

“We always support the activity of the entrepreneur by holding management training, business consultation, reviewing the established companies and facilitating the new entrepreneurs ,” said Muhammad Habibul. The Build Spirit Entrepreneur will be held four times in April 20-27 until May 4, 2019 and attended by 40 participants who will present the startup business plan. (Public Relations of UNP)