Rector of UNP Appreciates the 10 best Graduates; 938 Graduates Accepted as Alumni Members

Rector of UNP Appreciates the 10 best Graduates; 938 Graduates Accepted as Alumni Members
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Padang—Universitas Negeri Padang holds the 115th graduation on Sunday (June 23, 2019)  with  theme "Building Millennial Human Resources (HR) in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0." The graduation not only graduated 938 graduates from D3, D4, S1, Professional Counselors and S2 and S3, but also appreciated the 10 best graduates to appear first in receiving the award certificate”.

The Head of Administration and Students Affairs (BAK), Yushamdi reads 10 best graduates they are Dr. Asrizal (Educational Sciences) with 3.90 GPA Very Satisfying, Anngia Putri (3,80 GPA), (Indonesia Language and Literature), Fatujah (Education of Arts), Tabah Rizki, SE (Accounting), Ela Yuspita (Hospitality Management), Putri Permatasari (Chemical Education), Anggri S. Or (Sport Science), Dwi Wulandari, S. Pd (educational Administration), Irensia Purnama Sari (Engineering), and Herlinda Novita Wardani (State Administration).
Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri also said congratulated to all graduates, especially to the best graduate. He hopes the graduate can practice the knowledge well and can be useful in the world of work and society.

On that occasion, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D also said that the development of Industrial Revolution Era potentially reduce the quality of education and social-culture in this country. Therefore, the millennial generations must have an important role in industrial revolution 4.0. Creativity and contribution are the important point or crucial in education and social culture. Prof. Ganefri also talk about to enter the era of the Industrial Revolution 4. 0, students were not enough to only capitalize on the high-Grade Point Average (GPA) only. Meanwhile, to reduce the threat, the impact of the Industrial Revolution, the graduate must have communication skills, information technology literacy, leadership, and critical thinking. The condition of Industrial Revolution 4.0 requires the students to have urgency competencies “Formula of 4C.” First, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (students are able to sceptical and critical in facing changes. Second, Creativity, and Innovation. Third, communication (the ability to communicate and technology information) and the last collaboration (Commentary in working together to build a power to face the life problems to keep surviving in Industrial revolution 4.0)

The readiness of Superior Human Resource in the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Universitas Negeri Padang makes a change through entrepreneurship program. The curriculum change, will be taken effect on July-December for Semester 2019, especially for new students of class 2019. Furthermore, the policy of Universitas Negeri Padang also applies the joint curriculum, joint degree, and double degree for studying programs that have International Classes and can be found through joint curriculum competition. In 2019, Universitas Negeri Padang has 15 studies programs that open International Classes which had been prepared since two last years, Four studies programs will visit by AUN-QA International Accreditation Assessor on August 22-24 in Chemical Education, Electrical Engineering Education, Management and English Language Education, then Four Studies Programs for Family Welfare Education, Health and Recreation Education , Pancasila and Citizenship Education and Guidance and Counselling Education with a waiting list on June, 2020 visitations.

In addition, there are 10 studies programs which are also proposed at the end of 2019 to obtain accreditation certificates from ASIIN International accreditation institutions in Germany, especially in the fields of science and technology, including; Undergraduate programs in Physics, Physics, Biology Education, Mathematics Education, Geography Education, Mechanical Engineering Education, Automotive Education, and Informatics Engineering Education, and Masters in Technology and Vocational Education were also prepared for international accreditation, Doctoral Study Programs in Education and S1. 

" It is useful to realize the mission of UNP to become one of the superiorcampuses in Southeast Asia " Said , Prof. Ganefri , Ph.D . 
At the end of graduation procession marked by the submission of diplomas, all graduates consisted of Diploma (3), S1 (94) and D4 Education (443), S1 and D4 Noneducational (257), Professional Counselors (25), Masters 139 people, Doctor (5) officially accepted as UNP alumni by the General Chairperson of the UNP DPP, Alimukhni who was represented by the UNP DPP Secretary General, Yukon Putra, MSi by reading the inauguration text. (Public Relations of UNP)