PKKMB Day 1: Student Must Have Global Skill
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Padang— Vice Rector 4 of UNP, Prof. Syahrial Bakhtiar gives the material on the first session of Introduction to Campus Life for New students (PKKMB) for SBMPTN pathway 2019 of Universitas Negeri Padang on Tuesday (23/7) at UNP Auditorium.

In front of 3500 new students, Prof. Syahrial Bakhriar gives the material of “General Education" to the new students. In his presentation, he said that the global change required an acceleration in the mastery of science and technology and the young generation must prepare foreign language and other skill to face up of the global change in 2019. Furthermore, Prof. Syahrial Bakhtiar, who ever led West Sumatra Provincial Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) shares his story of his experience of learning English on campus as a lecture on Faculty of Sport Science (FIK) UNP.


Vice Rector IV UNP, Prof. Syahrial also gives the spirit to all new students, he said that it's not too late to learn languages. Prof. Syahrial moderated by Risma Afdaleni, ST, MT, lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering UNP, also reminded that character variables are very important, especially in an era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which is full of competition and dependence between humans and the IT.

At the end of this session, Prof. Syahrial appreciates by giving the reward for the students. In the second session, Vice Rector I of UNP, Prof. Yunia Wardi, M.Si also gives a presentation about the material of Higher Education System in Indonesia and Academic System in Higher Education. Prof. Yunia Wardi invited the new students to change their mindset and adjust to the learning climate and academic culture in Higher Education. The presentation of the Dean of the faculty of Economics two periods was moderated by Dr. Erianjoni, M.Si, Lecturer of the Department of Sociology, FIS UNP. (Public Relations of UNP)