The New Members of UNP MPALH Follows Natural Training
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Padang—A total of 23 new members of Student Activity of Nature and Environmental Lovers (UKM MPALH) takes part in the Rimba Mountain Forest Lubuk Minturun, Sungai Bangek Padang from July 26 until August 1, 2019. Vice Rector, 3 of UNP represent of MPALH, Dr. Erianjoni, M.Sc said that the Nature Training activity of nature as a strategist for the students to face the life challenges.

The existence of MPALH as one of the organizations of UNP which always exists on nature conservation actions, disaster relief actions and aid actions for disaster victims and social vulnerability assessments after natural disasters, such as natural disasters in Lombok , Palu and the Pangandaran tsunami natural disasters in the West Sumatra and North Sumatra Border to explore the lake's tourism potential. Furthermore, in July, MPALH also sent the members of an expedition to Javanese Tiger. According to Anggi Mutiara, in 2019 with 23 new members into four teams. (Public Relations of UNP)