Heading to PKL and PPL Abroad, 16 of UNP’s Students Join the Briefing
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Padang-A total of 16 students of Universitas Negeri Padang will go abroad to carry out the Job Training or Internship and Field Experience (PPL ) in mid-August . Therefore , Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) International Service gives debriefing for students on Friday (2/8 ). Head of International Office UNP, Dr. Ananda Putra said that 16 students will depart to Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippine. The students will interact with many people from another country. Because of that, it is important to give a debriefing about cross-cultural understanding.

"The Debriefing of the Sea Teacher bath 8 and Sea Tvet batch 4 for students will depart from mid-August 2019 during one month in August to Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. The purpose of debriefing as a medium to give a massage and orientation to the students. He added that UNP always continued to develop the cooperation with some universities in other countries. The program of overseas PKL and PPL not only to add the students ' experience but also as one part of internationalization. There are seven students of Sea Teachers (PPL) and Sea TVET (PKL) nine students with total 16. (Public Relations of UNP)