FT UNP Students Prepare TV Control Using Voice Recognition
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Padang- The students of the Faculty of Engineering of Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP FT) , Andra Akbar Afan is preparing for TV Control Using Voice Recognition". They prepare the final project by using a voice command voice as the main control of television and I believe by using the voice command and TV control without remote control " , Akbar Afan on Wednesday (8/21/2019 ). Meanwhile, the community will get the information about any interests or entertainment facility. 

The development of science and technology will bring a positive impact on the human life. " By using TV control, we will understand what the human voice and can respond as soon as possible. The function of relay output as a voltage strengthening to activate the process of television control", said Akbar. He also explained that the result of the measurement and analyses , We can observe the work process of controlling this television by using Voice Recognition able to distort voice data and analyse the sound . (Public Relations of UNP)