Final Entrance Test of FBS UNP Appreciates Art Achievement
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Padang-- Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) appreciates the young people with talented in art. As much as 49 prospective students followed the achievement admission and independent admission selection test in 2019-2020. The achievement and independent entrance test take place at The Faculty of Language and Arts, Air Tawar Padang from Wednesday until Thursday (July 17-18, 2019).

Vice Dean I of UNP FBS, Prof. Dr. Ermanto, S.Pd. M.Hum said that as much as (49) who registered the art achievement admission, 40 people followed the verification of achievement (428) of independent admission, participants of FBS which consisting of 128 of creative studies program, and (251) for the fine art education and visual communication design study program.

"The enthusiasm of prospective students’ entering through the artistic achievement admission and independent admission is high. This year, totalling 428 people are very the enthusiast for the final selection of FBS admission. There are 101 people who took the skills and material test and 203 for the fine arts department,” said Head of the selection committee for the achievement and independent admission of Art, Prof. Ermanto. Furthermore, the prospective students were given the material test including pictures and interview test for the fine art education department, and music and dance tested to the Sendratasik Department. The students will be divided into the student programs. The announcement of the final selection result will be announced on July 2, 2019, and the verification of report card data on August 1, 2019. (Public Relations of UNP).