Despite the Rain, the Opening of the 7th TKPP is Successfully Solemn
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Hundreds of scouts from various parts of the region crowded the camp of Pusdiklatda Kwarda 03 in Padang, West Sumatra. The presence of the scout members was in the framework of the opening of the 7th Enforcement Scout Creativity Meeting (TKPP) that was held by Scouts of Universitas Negeri Padang, Tuesday (28/8).

Even though it was rainy day, the participants' enthusiasm did not subside to carry out the opening ceremony to run solemnly.

Vice-Rector III of UNP, Ardipal, was greatly appreciated this activities as one of the Student Activity Units in Universitas Negeri Padang.  He said that scouting is one of the ways to answer the times challenges and problems that attack young people at this time.

Despite the Rain, the Opening of the 7th TKPP is Successfully Solemn

Meanwhile, the Head of the 03 Regional Kwartir in West Sumatra, Yulius, said that the TKPP VII was a real proof from UNP Scouts as one of the front groups which based in universities that routinely carried out various scouting activities.

The assistant of Second regional secretary of the Province of West Sumatra, who also became the coach of this ceremony, added that the scout activity was actually a place to develop a scout into the potentials ones. "We hope that participants can take some benefits from various forms of activities that were carried out so that later they can implement it in the front group and also in the community,” Beni said.

The First Assistant of the West Sumatera provincial government even did not hesitate to give a thumb up to the Scouts of UNP who were always consistent in carrying out activities that were beneficial to the development of scouts.

The chairman of Racana Dang Tuanku and Bundo Kandung, Riko Akbar, said that this TKPP activity was a routine agenda that carried out by the Scouts of UNP. Furthermore, the head of the workshops, Azizol Maulana, added that TKPP on this year consisted of some kinds of activities such as general enterprising, active competition, and insightful insights.

Despite the Rain, the Opening of the 7th TKPP is Successfully Solemn

This activity was attended by 23 contingents from various parts of the region. (Source: Ganto/Translated by Shilva Lioni)