Automatic Therapy Bicycles by UNP Students
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Padang- Two students of UNP 2017 Special Education (Annisa and Fairuz Luthfiyah), and Ahlul Aulianur students of Electrical Engineering Education UNP 2015 creates Automatic Therapy. They make this tool for children who experience motion system disorders in their lower limbs or legs.

"The program of the Karsa Cipta Student Creativity Program (PKM-KC) from the Ministry of Research and Technology is very useful for us in creating this therapeutic tool," said Annisa accompanied by her lecturer on Tuesday (27/8).

The tomato bike or automatic therapy bicycles were made of several components such as salt bush iron, control boxes, and monitors, DC motors as driving pedals. Furthermore, Tomato Bike is designed to be individual with impaired motion. It starts from a seat equipped with a three-point safety belt, so that the user does not fall, a pedal equipped with ties like a mountain flip, and a control box that has two monitors (stopwatch).

"I hope, we can produce more the tomato bikes because I think many people will need a tool like this. Now, the number of stroke sufferers from year after year is always increasing, through tomato bikes able to provide movement activities to these individuals without bothering others and no need for fees and therapists anymore ", He said.

The UNP students create these tools based on the number of sufferers of motion system disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, muscular dystrophy, stroke, spinal cord cancer. Their beliefs tools make it easy for people in the healing process. This tool also helps to stimulate the work of the brain, help to blood flow, and avoid stiffness in the joints. (Public Relations of UNP)