17 Students Participate in the 16th National MTQ Final: UNP Caravans Advance in Nine Final Race Numbers
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Padang— A total of 17 students of Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) was participated in nine branches of National Student MTQ 16 In Unsyiah, Banda Aceh. Vice Rector 3 of UNP, Prof. Ardipal, M. Pd accompanied by Head of UNP Contingent, Dr. Hasan Maksum, MT from Banda Aceh on Friday (2/8) reported that UNP succeeds come to final in nine branches in National Students MTQ 16 they are Hifzil Qur'an five Juz (Pi), Tar til Qur'an (Pi), Tilawah Quran (Pi), Contemporary Khat (Pa), Musaqah Syarhil Qur'an (MSQ), Application Design Al-Quran (DAQ), Scientific papers Al-Quran (KT IQ), Al barzanji and debate of Al-Quran English language (DII).

" Insya Allah all finalists will perform tomorrow morning. We hope invocation from all parties to all finalists, Amin", said Prof. Ardipal MPd accompanied Syamsul Bahri and Engkizar, SIQ., MEd explained that there are four branches will compete in debate in English language and MSQ. (Public Relations of UNP)