The 115 Graduation: Graduates of UNP Requires to have an Entrepreneurship Spirit

The 115 Graduation: Graduates of UNP Requires to have an Entrepreneurship Spirit
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Padang—Rector of Universitas Negeri Padang graduating as many as 938 graduates. The graduate consists of diplomas, bachelor, master, and doctoral degree from various studies a program in eight faculties.

In his speech “Developing Millennial Superior Human Resource in an Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0”, Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri also delivers the importance of mastering the new technologies to be competitive in various work industries.
For this reason, the graduates of Universitas Negeri Padang are highly demanding to be able to adapt and transform the spirit of entrepreneurship. The industrial revolution 4.0 changed all things like the digital, work, communication, transactions and lifestyle.

“The successful progress of Indonesia is empowering human talent namely development of human resources with the mastery of the latest technologies," said Ganefri to the graduates at Auditorium UNP on Sunday (June 23, 2019).

According to Rector, the development of the industrial revolution era, potentially to reduce the quality of education and Sociocultural. Therefore, the millennial generation required preserving the nation to face the brunt of industrial flows with innovation and creativity.

"The younger generation will inherit this nation in the future so, it indeed demands more for real contributions to face the industry and ready to compete without having to abandon culture," said the Rector of UNP.

He further explained, in the face of this industry, the students were not enough to only capitalize on a high cumulative grade point average (GPA). In fact, emotional intelligence is more important to meet today's digital developers.

"In the past, GPA is the important point, but now the most important thing is that GPA is equipped with communication skills, information technology literacy, leadership, and critical thinking, “said Prof. Ganefri.

The development of industrial revolution 4.0 can threaten 130 million millennial generations of the country. Through this situation, the graduate of the universities is required to have four competencies like critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, communication, and collaboration. Furthermore, in preparing the superior and professional graduate, the universities must have to build the infrastructure of TIK through cyber universities to change the curriculum content with technology based, provide competency of certification, collaborates with industry players, and build entrepreneurial spirit.

"Universitas Negeri Padang is not only required to produce ready-to-work students, but also to produce graduates which are able to open the jobs. The importance of the creative industry in the digital era, entrepreneurship and innovation in universities," said Prof. Ganefri. (Public Relations of UNP)