The 114th Graduation of UNP: Rector of UNP Disclosed the Era Disruption of Education

The 114th Graduation of UNP: Rector of UNP Disclosed the Era Disruption of Education
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Padang— The Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D., returned to deliver a speech with theme “Acceleration of the Implementation of Higher Education of Disrupted Era” while opening the 114th graduation at the Auditorium Universitas Negeri Padang in March (23-24, 2019).

Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D also explained that the dynamic of life in industrial revolution 4.0 marked by the occurrence of disruptive or fundamental changes in industry, business strategy, the creation of the new markets and education.

In addition, the universities as the organizers of the educational service sector must inevitably in changes of the digital era of disruption. For this reason, UNP has made changes and leaps as a form of reediness UNP as a higher education institution in this disruption era. UNP has prepared as a cyber university by cooperating with PT Telkom Indonesia, said Prof. Ganefri.

In the future, the plan of development higher education online such as the learning process of blended learning is expected to able in improving the students access to quality higher education.

“If we refer to Heraclitus, a Greek Philosopher who lived 26 centuries ago, he said that nothing has not changed excepts the change itself (nothing endures, but change)” said Prof. Ganefri. Furthermore, Prof. Ganefri the quote has been proven throughout the history of human life, where change is always constant, regardless of whether it is ready or not. However, history also proves that anyone who rejects change will certainly be left behind and unable to compete.

The disruption era is closely related to the increasing supplicated condition of digital technology, so that the students, which was born in the Digital era has different cultural sphere form previous generation. Therefore, Prof. Ganefri also explained that even though the era of disruption and the Industrial Revolution 4.0 provided a number of positive impacts on the world of higher education, the role of educators was never replaced by artificial intelligence. For this reason, educators must continue to improve competence and see challenges as opportunities to improve quality, although the reliability of information technology in this era has enabled anyone to obtain knowledge easily. 

"Consequently, the role of learning can only be done by educators who not only improve student competence, but also teach values that are in line with national character development," said Prof. Ganefri.

Universitas Negeri Padang efforts towards international standard have been started for a long time, even since the previous leadership period, one of them in this period has achieved Accredited A institutional (superior). UNP is, in 55 universities that are accredited A, among 4,455 universities in Indonesia. Meanwhile, UNP has been able to make a remarkable leap in the Clustering of Universities in Indonesia issued by the Ministry of Research and Technology, from ranking 67 in 2017 to rank 26 in 2018. 

Prof. Ganefri has conveyed the speech in front of the head and members of the university senate, professors, deans, invited guests from the cooperation partner bank of UNP, thousands of graduates and parents of graduates who packed the UNP Auditorium for two days.

The 114th graduation of UNP graduate the 1689 graduates, including, 25 graduates from a diploma 2, Faculty of Engineering 127, 3 diploma programs, 908 graduate form faculty of education and diploma 4 non-education 386, and 212 graduates from the master degree program, and 6 graduates from the doctoral program. Furthermore, the 114th graduation of UNP presented the Head of SKK Migas, Dr. Soetjipto and Regent South Pesisir District, Hendra Joni in Auditorium Universitas Negeri Padang. Prof. Ganefri hoped that the graduation ceremony is able to improve the spirit of the graduate and alumni of UNP.

The Rector of UNP said congratulated and hoped that all graduated would always maintain the name of the alma mater UNP, the society, especially the parents. Furthermore, Prof. Ganefri expressed his gratitude for giving trust to UNP as a place to acquire knowledge. (Public Relations of UNP)