Vice Rector III of UNP, Prof. Ardipal Aprreciates Study Visit From Udayana Bali

Vice Rector III of UNP, Prof. Ardipal Aprreciates Study Visit From Udayana Bali
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Padang—Universitas Negeri Padang holds the program of introducing campus for all new students of UNP (PKKMB) SNMPTN 2019 on Thursday (June 27, 2019). Besides of PKKMB, Udayana's (UNUD) Bali arrival comes to Universitas Negeri Padang of seven lecturers and thirty students.

The study visits of students from UNUD Bali accompanied by Vice Rector III, Dr. Ir. I Made Sudarma, M.S at SPI Room, Third floor of Rectorate Building UNP on Thursday (June 27, 2019) . The arrival of the Udayana's group to Universitas Negeri Padang warmly welcomed by Vice Rector III, Prof. Ardipal.

In his speech, Vice Rector III of UNP, Prof. Ardipal appreciated the study visit of students of Udayana Bali with exchanging the information between Udayana and UNP. “Hopefully, Students of UNP can also go to Udayana”, said Prof. Ardipal accompanied by the Head of Student’s Consultative Assembly of UNP (MPM), President of BEM and representatives from several affairs (UKM) of Universitas Negeri Padang.

The president of UNP Students, Indra Kurniawan Rezki also hoped that this hospitality between Udayana and UNP can produce a great narrative of the country. “It can develop our intellectual for the future, tomorrow and later,” said Indra Kurniawan Rezki.

The study visits of Udayana attended by seven lecturers and 14 students from Student Activity UnIt (UKUM) UNUD, Chairperson of the Student’s Representative Council (DPM) UNUD, the President of the Student Executive Board (BEM) UNUD, and representatives of several UNUD UKM, Student Cooperatives, Chess UKM, UKM Karate, Arts UKM, UKM Robotic, UKM Perisai Diri, UKM Mapala, and UKM Mapala, as well as several people from the DPM and BEM. Meanwhile, the Vice Rector of UNUD, Dr. Ir. I Made Sudarma, M. Sc, said that the study visit aims to increase knowledge and sharing between students can apply whose result in their respective places. The Chairperson of the UNUD DPM, I Gede Bayu Bahari Sujana Putra also hoped that this meeting UNUD and UNP to gain knowledge from each other. (Public Relations of UNP).