Public Lecture with Prof. Maxell Briggs at UNP

Public Lecture with Prof. Maxell Briggs at UNP
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Padang— Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) held a public lecture on students' entrepreneurship with Prof. Maxwell Briggs, Professor of Queensland University and Technology, Australia and Director of Asia-Pacific Enterprise Development on Tuesday (June 17, 2019). The aim of this public lecture is to decrease or anticipate the unemployment educated and responding socially economic conditions that are less stable in the future.

The public lecture took place at Senate Meeting Room UNP and attended by 100 participants, 80 entrepreneurship lecturers, 8 deans, director of Post Graduate, head of entrepreneurship technical Implementation Unit and 10 delegates from the Government of Padang including Bappeda, Diskominfo, Education Authorities, Padang Disaster Management Agency.

Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D officially opened the public lecture with entitled “How to Improve the Student's Entrepreneurship and Industrial Development Strategy in West Sumatra."

On that occasion, Prof. Ganefri said that the reflecting on the success of developing countries such as America and Europe, which almost all the universities inserted the material of entrepreneurship in almost every subject and also countries in Asia such as Japan, Singapore and Malaysia also applied entrepreneurship materials at least in two semesters.

"That way, it makes our neighboring countries become a developed country and make a long leap in improving the country's development," said Prof. Ganefri. Meanwhile, the presentation of Prof. Maxwell Briggs also explained the importance of entrepreneurship in the campus and makes entrepreneurship course, as the most important thing that must be given to the students.

"The capital program for young entrepreneurs must respond to PTN/PTS leaders. The collaboration with the business world must urge maximizing the leaders from PTN/PTS,” said Prof. Maxwell, who also an economic consultant in East Java and Malaysia.
After presenting his presentation, Prof. Maxwell, who is also the Director of Asia-Pacific Enterprise Development, also explained the development of the industry to grow students to become entrepreneurs.

"Whatever type of business must be in accordance with the agreement between students and campus. The business units formed can be a valuable experience for students before entering business independently," Said Prof. Maxwell, who also became a speaker, International Conference at The faculty of Economics UNP (3rd PICEEBA) on 15-16 June 2019. (Public Relations of UNP)