FBS UNP Targets to Achieve 2020 Research Funds From Ministry of Research and Higher Education
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Padang-LP2M of UNP holds socialization of research, and community service proposal for all academic communities and lecturers of Faculty of Language and Art of Universitas Negeri Padang on Monday (12/8). Research and dedication funds from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education can be obtained by submitting a proposal for specific requirements of each characteristic of the research and service scheme, said Head of UNP's LP2M, Prof. Dr. Yasri in his office. Dean of FBS, Prof. Ermanto also said that his party also will improve the spirit of the lecturers to focus on their research. " We hoped in 2020 the Surgical Research and community services for Kemenristekdikti's funds will improve the proposal of the lecturers of UNP FBS”, said Dean of FBS, Prof. Dr. Ermanto, S. Pd., M.Hum Furthermore, Prof. Ermanto, M . Hum also explained that the main task of the lecturer is to improve the Tridharma of higher education, teaching and education, research, and community service. Therefore, this activity will show how to improve the quality and the quantity of research proposals and community service. LP2M will facilitate the activity of research proposals and service proposals of FBS UNP. This activity followed by 60 lectures by presenting the speaker, Dr. Taufina Taufiq, M.Pd and Dr. YulianaS.P., M.Si (Public Relations of UNP)