UNP Grieving Over the Death of Dr. Zalfendi, M.Kes And Sabaruddin, S.Sos

UNP Grieving Over the Death of Dr. Zalfendi, M.Kes And Sabaruddin, S.Sos
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Padang— There is deep sadness today in the Lobby of Rectorate UNP, Prof. Hamka Street, Padang Air Tawar on Tuesday (June 11, 2019). The whole members of Universitas Negeri Padang were sad to hear that two-best people of UNP died. One of them is Dr. Zalfendi, M. Kes, AIFO, Dean of Faculty of Sport Sciences on Monday (June 10, 2019) at 8.00 p.m. at the Hermina Hospital Padang.

“We were very sad to hear about the Dean of Faculty of Sport Science Dr. Zalfendi, M. Kes, died, because in the morning until evening he is still with us. Hopefully, the death of his will remind us about god and death,” said Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D when giving a speech of condolences to Dr. Zalfendi. 

Furthermore, the greeting of condolences was also addressed to Sabaruddin, S.Sos (57) as educational staff of FPP of Universitas Negeri Padang. The condolences also attended by the rector, vice rector, dean, lecturers and academic communities of UNP. Two deans also read out the biodata and curriculum vitae of Dr. Zalfendi and Sabaruddin. Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, Dr. Ernawati, Ph.D read aloud the biodata and CV of Sabaruddin, S.Sos and continued by Vice Dean II of Faculty of Sport Science, Dr. Alnedral who read aloud about the biodata and curriculum vitae of Dr. Zalfendi, M.Kes.

The condolences are greeting also delivered by the family of Dr. Zalfendi are AKP, Syafrizen, SH Dt. Rang Batuah and Ilham Darwis from the family of Sabaruddin, S. Sos. The activist tennis of UNP also has experienced deep sorrow because Dr. Zalfendi as one of the activist’s tennis’s in Universitas Negeri Padang. Before facing the god, Dr. Zalfendi has just finished playing a tennis at UNP, but he gets a sick and immediately taken to Hermina Hospital.

Before buried to the family funeral in Ampiang Parak, sub-district, Sutera prayed at Al-Azhar mosque in Universitas Negeri Padang. In Al-Azhar Mosque many people take part in the prayer of Dr. Zalfendi. On that occasion, let us pray for Dr. Zalfendi, M. Kes and Sabaruddin S. Sos we wish God forgives all of their wrongs and sins. (Public Relations of UNP).