"Sansai" and Tujuh Cinta Si Anak Kampung: Popular Works of Prof. Ermanto Was Published
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Professor of Linguistics at Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP), Prof. Dr. Ermanto, launched two novels. Two of Prof. Ermanto's novels who has named pen Ermanto Tolantang are "Sansai" and "Tujuh Cinta Si Anak Kampung".

"Actually there are three of my books published on this month, one of it is lagu Buku Indonesia which composed by me and Emidar," Erman Tolantang said on Friday (September, 28).

In the discussion, Ermanto revealed that as the world-class academics, writing is become daily habits. As a scientist, he is already familiar with the productivity of developing scientific works in the form of quality writing such as research reports and textbooks.

"Thanks to God, when I was busy as a teacher, there was still a chance for me to conduct the ideas and pour it into the novel "Sansai" and "Tujuh Cinta Si Anak Kampung", Prof. Ermanto said.

On the last week Prof. Dr. Nizwardi Jalinus, M. Ed., a professor at the Faculty of Engineering of UNP has a high interest in literary works and appreciated Ermanto's work. (Public Relations of UNP/Translated by Shilva Lioni)